You can do it at home! Diabetes complication self-check

Diabetic complications are very scary

Diabetes Complications come out little by little after a certain number of years since the onset of diabetes.

Diabetes complications may occur even while it is safe at the time of being diagnosed as diabetes within a few years.

In Japan, diabetic patients are said to “You should keep less than HbA1c7% for prevention of complications and less than HbA1c6% for normalization of blood glucose level” from doctors.



But it isn’t perfect,I think. Dr. Richard K. Bernstein knows patients who have had diabetes complications even with HbA1c in the 5-5.9% range.

And there is a risk of complications of diabetes even if the blood glucose level is normal if they have hyperinsulinemia.

This time I will tell you about self-checking to find your early diabetic complications yourself earlier than your doctor. Let’s try now!


Doctors do not check all diabetic complications by regular examination…

That’s why you have to figure out diabetes complications as soon as possible before it’s too late.


Beware if things look distorted!

In diabetic retinopathy, even in the early stage, blood components leak out from the blood vessels in the important part of the macular region behind the eyes, causing swelling (=macular edema).

Macular edema sometimes leads to considerable reduction in vision sometimes, but like me, there may be mild macular edema with good vision.

When there is macular edema, it may be hazy and sometimes looks blurred in the light and dark of the color, but I have image distortion(a symptom that makes things distorted).

Previously I saw the square icons of the application of the smartphone looked like a trapezoid when I saw them with the left eye. This way of seeing is almost solved now.


If you have image distortion, things will look distorted as shown in the figure on the right.

This abnormality is easier to recognize when you look at the screen of the personal computer.

Diabetic retinopathy is the most prevalent in 5 to 10 years after diabetes onset regardless of blood glucose level.


Let’s check the soles of your feet right now

I felt that the heel’s crack was terrible for several years before being diagnosed with diabetes.

I thought that it is a type of  tinea pedis that makes horny thick, but I examined it in dermatology, but my doctor found any abnormality.

The dermatologist told me, “This is your native skin quality, it will be smooth if you apply urea cream, but the heel’s crack will return if you stop painting”.

The heel cracked so badly that in the winter heels were torn and blood adhered to socks! From diagnosis of diabetes and treatment started, my heel never cracked.



Just ↑ ↑ Diabetes complications if there are such symptoms! Now please observe the soles of the feet right now. Especially the last “feel no pain even when stepping on a pin” is very serious.

If peripheral blood circulation deteriorates due to hyperglycemia, foot corn and warts tend to be difficult to heal.

Diabetic neuropathy causes finger pain, numbness, abnormal sensation of the soles of the feet.

People with diabetic neuropathy dry skin on the soles of the feet so that heel cracking is likely to occur as well.


Walk a bit and legs hurt and require rest

There is a symptom that legs become painful for a while after walking and it becomes impossible to walk because the legs hurt, the pain disappears when you take a little rest, and the legs become painful after a while after walking out.

This is called “intermittent claudication” and the blood flow of the leg is deteriorated due to arteriosclerosis, so the amount of blood necessary for walking can not be supplied to the muscles of the legs and it hurts.

This “arteriosclerosis obliterans” is caused not only by diabetes, but also by hypertension and smoking.



Initially legs are a little numb, cold feeling, leg hair falls out. As it progresses a little, and the intermittent claudication  will occur next.

Even if it gets worse, the leg gets pain even if you are resting, and eventually the skin of the part with particularly poor blood flow necrosis and ulceration becomes possible, you will have to cut your legs.

Everyone who has a pain in the legs when walking for a while, please consult at the hospital.


Let’s find diabetes complications at an early stage!

Since there are blood tests and urinalysis at the time of usual examination of diabetes, the doctor will find it immediately about diabetic nephropathy.

However, there are many people who go to the ophthalmologist only once a year, and as for the neurological disorder, there are many patients who can not undergo any examination unless they tell the doctor themselves.

What is scary of diabetes is that diabetic complications progress. Early complications may be healed spontaneously, but unfortunately recovery will become difficult if it progresses to a certain degree or more.



There are many people who have diabetes who fully trust their doctor and “I’m fine with the doctor, so it’s okay” and “I am following the instructions of the teacher properly”.

But your doctor is not grasping everything about your diabetes. So you have to control your diabetes on your own.


Diabetes complications are really scary so be careful.

Yourself, not your doctor, controls your diabetes!