Why do you get hypercholesterolemia even if you are not obese?

Is saturated fatty acid the cause of hypercholesterolemia?

I found an article saying that “In Japan over the last 30 years, the proportion of people with high total cholesterol value is increasing regardless of their body shape“.

In the past, people who were fat were more likely to have higher cholesterol levels, but recently they have increased in standard type and thin type people.

Although it was concluded that “It is the cause of hypercholesterolemia that the number of people taking saturated fatty acid-rich diet increased”, is it really the cause?

Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I used carbohydrates firmly and had limited lipid.



However, when I was hospitalized with diabetic ketoacidosis, I was hyperlipidemia and fatty liver.

My neutral fat, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol are always within normal range at the moment.

In Japan, LDL cholesterol is still called “bad guy”, and there are many sellers that sell supplements and health foods to lower the value of LDL cholesterol.

Do people need to take medicines or expensive supplements to lower cholesterol levels?


There are quite a lot of people suffering from cholesterol!

Well, so many people are making various efforts.


What is cholesterol?

Many people think that ‘Cholesterol is a bad thing, so too much will cause disease, so lesser is healthier’.

Until a few years ago in Japan, it was said that eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, so it should be eaten only one per day.

Before the onset of diabetes myself, I ate only one egg per day. I am eating 3-4 everyday, but the cholesterol value is lower.



Cholesterol is a very important thing, so when cholesterol ingested from meals is low, it is made in the liver a lot.

Dr. Yasuyuki Shimizu (Japanese anesthesiologist)did an experiment to keep eating 10 eggs for 3 days, but his cholesterol level didn’t changed.

LDL cholesterol is taken from the liver to the whole body on a “ship to go”, and on the contrary it is HDL cholesterol that comes back to the liver on a “return ship”.

Why is LDL cholesterol being handled as a bad person despite repairing the damaged part of the body so hard?


Reason for becoming high LDL cholesterol blood disease when starting low carb diet

When you start low carbohydrate diet, you may get high LDL cholesterol blood disease.

When the amount of cholesterol contained in the meal is large, the body does not absorb much, or it can cope well by decreasing the amount of synthesizing cholesterol in the body. But There are people who can not do it well.

And people with high momentum and those with little body fat, those who are not able to take too much lipid with small foods seem to have a tendency to get high LDL cholesterol blood disease.



For people who do not restrict carbohydrates, glucose is often used as energy. However, if you are restricting carbohydrates, lipid is the main energy instead of glucose.

Those who do hard exercise need a lot of energy, and those with little body fat and those with small meals are not enough fat enough so the liver will make many “lipoproteins”.

Lipoproteins are the “ship on which cholesterol is on” introduced earlier. Cholesterol is a lipid, so they can not blend into the blood as it is, so they are on ships.

At this time, neutral fat is also on board the ship with cholesterol. When the body demands a lot of neutral fat, LDL cholesterol increases with neutral fats as set.


There are “good and bad guys” among LDL cholesterols!

Among LDL cholesterols, there are “harmless people” and “those who do evil”. And It is impossible to distinguish between the two in a ordinary blood test.

If the neutral fat value is low and the HDL cholesterol level is normal, there is almost no need to worry because “harmless LDL” is mostly.

Something bad will not happen just because there are lots of LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Arteriosclerosis progresses as LDL cholesterols  dive into the vascular endothelium with postprandial hyperglycemia.



So those who prefer carbohydrates, even their normal levels of LDL cholesterol can have high neutral fat and arteriosclerosis can progress.

If you are on a low carbohydrate diet and have a large amount of momentum · Little body fat · If you are a small food type and LDL cholesterol is high, try increasing the amount of lipid intake first.

There is no problem if the LDL cholesterol of a person following a low carbohydrate diet is high.

But If the LDL cholesterol of people not following the low carbohydrate diet is high, they should improve their meals.


Not only cholesterol, it makes no sense unless you are careful about postprandial hyperglycemia and neutral fat.

that’s right! Many doctors do not know well, so you have to study.