Whether sumo wrestlers might become diabetic or not?

Do sumo wrestlers get diabetes?

The sumo wrestlers eat about that 8000 kcal a day to produce that huge body.

Despite eating in large quantities, they are doing hard practice, so their body fat percentage seems to be only around 24-25%.

They are more muscular and less body fat than we imagine. Will they suffer from type 2 diabetes, or not?



One sumo wrestler developed diabetes at age 22 and cut his legs after retirement. I feel sorry for him.

Mr. Chiyonofuji, who was once a popular sumo wrestler, was also diabetic. He had a body fat percentage of only 10.3%, he was quite a muscular sumo wrestler during his active career.

When I was young, I thought, “I need to eat a lot to get health, and I need to do a lot of exercise”, but I became diabetes…


I wonder who will be diabetic, whether exercising or muscular …

That’s right, so don’t think that you will never get diabetes if you exercise.


What kind of sumo wrestlers are eating?

Sumo wrestlers practice without eating anything in the morning and eat breakfast at around 11 am.

They said that they spend their afternoons until dinner  training, cleaning, washing and so on.

They do not eat just “Chanko Nabe(weight-gaining stew for sumo)”, but sometimes they eat their favorite food for dinner.



They had two meals a day, reduced the number of meals, eat a lot of meat and increase their weight.

They have to eat so much to ingest about 8000 kcal with twice a day meal!

It is impossible to fat so much even if you ingest 8000 kcal of meat alone. Perhaps they are eating rice in large quantities.


Do sumo wrestlers have a constitution difficult to become diabetic?

People who develop type 2 diabetes in Europe and the United States are often caused by obesity.

However, in Asians including Japanese, there are many people who develop type 2 diabetes even though they are within the standard weight range.

Many Asians have a low ability to secrete insulin, so it is difficult to become highly obese.

That is why they develop diabetes before they become like sumo wrestlers. I think that there are Asian people with type 2 diabetes also around you, but I think that some of them are lean.



Insulin is also called “obesity hormone”, and those who can eat much carbohydrate and secrete large amounts of insulin become highly obese.

I think that those who can become sumo wrestlers have high “ability to gain weight” and are more capable of secreting insulin than normal Asian people.

It is highly likely that they will not develop diabetes a lifetime unless they eat binge drinking.

People who have become diabetic due to binge eating are said to be “remission” by dramatically improving blood glucose levels by simply reducing meals.


Their fate will be decided by what kind of life they will live after retirement


Some of the sumo wrestlers have already developed diabetes since the active age, but few people continue to be active even after 40 years old.

Some people develop type 2 diabetes as young as I am, but many type 2 diabetic patients develop after the age of 40.

It may be reason why Sumo wrestler has few diabetics because they are still young.

They have a lot of momentum in active days and youth may have covered them. But they should not eat a lot after they retire.


Even if you exercise, if you eat too much, you may get diabetes.

It’s important not to eat too much!