What will you do if your blood sugar value suddenly rises?

Why did my blood glucose value worsen suddenly?

Until now, your blood glucose level was not high at all, or diabetes also had good glycemic control. If you suddenly become high blood sugar though you have not changed your diet, there should be something cause.

When you infected with a cold or influenza, you will sometimes be surprisingly hyperglycemic. When I have a cold, my fasting blood glucose level is around 140 throughout the day, but this will return to normal condition.

The blood sugar level also rises when you ingest steroid medicine. When I used an inhaled medicine with a steroid,I was surprised when I got hyperglycemia than usual.



Of course there are possibilities that diabetes merely deteriorated for some reason, but there are also possibilities such as a terrible illness … “pancreatic cancer”

My son’s homeroom teacher and my uncle died in their 50s due to pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is a very terrifying type of cancer!

Because diabetic patients are prone to pancreatic cancer, if you get pancreatic cancer it is necessary to notice that as soon as possible.



Pancreatic cancer! It is very scary…


I was examined for pancreatic cancer when I was hospitalized with diabetic ketoacidosis.

 What is the relationship between diabetes and pancreatic cancer?

People with diabetes tend to develop pancreatic cancer, and suddenly develop diabetes when they become pancreatic cancer.

When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for the first time, I received an abdominal echo and a blood test.

It is because to confirm that it is not so because diabetes may suddenly become diabetic as it becomes pancreatic cancer until then.

As subjective symptoms of pancreatic cancer, upper abdominal pain, jaundice, backache, weight loss, etc. are often found, but it is often unknown at all until it progresses.



Weight loss is a subjective symptom of common pancreatic cancer, but if you were originally fat, you might think that “I started to go to the gym recently so I am getting slim, I’m glad”.

Pancreatic cancer has a higher mortality rate than other cancers. My uncle also died due to pancreatic cancer though health checkup was received properly every year. Therefore, we have to find pancreatic cancer as soon as possible.

It is also important for cancer to “discover it at an early stage”, but it is also important to “keep in mind life that is hard to become cancer”.


You should discover the disease at an early stage

Besides pancreatic cancer, there are causes of sudden increase in blood sugar level. According to Dr.Carpincho (a Japanese physician familiar with low carbohydrate diet), blood glucose levels are likely to increase if “tumors that promote gluconeogenesis” are formed somewhere in the body.

You can see that such a tumor is made somewhere in the body by receiving hormone examination.

Also, blood glucose levels may increase even when inflammation is strong due to periodontal disease etc.



My blood sugar value increased 4 months after I had a diagnosis of diabetes and I thought it was strange.

As Dr.Richard K. Bernstein ‘s book “Diabetes Solution” wrote that “There is inflammation of the mouth makes it become hyperglycemic” so I went to the dental clinic and cleaned dental calculus and my blood sugar lavel was down to 88 from 120 at the next day.

If your blood sugar level suddenly rises and it does not go down for a long time, let’s consult at the hospital earlier. If you have something sick, you’d better discover it sooner



Let’s be careful as the disease progresses while thinking about seeing a little more.


If you feel uneasy, you should consult a hospital without waiting until the next consultation day and see a doctor!