What is the most effective “carbohydrate selection”?

Why are diabetes complications dramatically reduced in the US?

In the United States, unlike in Japan, low calorie diet,Mediterranean diet, vegetarian diet, low-carbo diet, DASH diet (a diet supposedly effective in lowering blood pressure) are recognized as diets of diabetic patients.

So in the past 20 years in the United States diabetes complications have been drastically decreasing, but not in Japan!

Many doctors and administrative nutritionists in Japan tell patients only about calorie restriction.



The reason why only few japanese patients do low-carbohydrate diet are not because “The Japanese Diabetes Society does not admit it”.

Even if the doctor told them that “you can do a low carbohydrate diet,” it is easy to say that there are many patients who answer “No, I do not do it because I love rice and bread” I can imagine.

A doctor I know suggests a low carbohydrate diet to his patients, but most patients reject it or they give up it within six months.


Even if the doctor recommends, there are many patients who can not reduce their favorite carbohydrates.

Their illness will get worse by their own fault…


Just changing white rice into brown rice is not enough effective?

Recent Japan has the idea of “carbohydrate selection”. This is to “prevent a sudden rise in blood glucose level by choosing the type of carbohydrate by converting white rice into brown rice, not a low carbohydrate diet.”

However, like me and Dr.Koji Ebe, some people develop type 2 diabetes even though they ate brown rice.

One cap of brown rice have only 2.1 g of dietary fiber, so I do not think that “if I convert white rice into brown rice, it is safe.”



Dr. Koji Ebe said that eating white rice will raise his blood sugar level to 240mg/dL and eat brown rice will rise to 220mg/dL.

Sushi popular overseas also raises the blood sugar level of diabetic patients sufficiently, despite of using vinegar.

I do not say that the way to change white rice into brown rice is totally meaningless. it seems to have a little effect, it is obvious that it cann’t  relieve all diabetic patipents.

In Japan, the feelings of rice farmers who want to sell brown rice instead of white rice
agrees with the feelings of diabetic patients who want to eat rice ,so people says that “You should choose carbohydrates rather than low carb diets”.


Vegetables with less sugar is better than brown rice

Unfortunately brown rice does not contain so much nutrition. Brown rice is about “slightly better than white rice”. It raises the blood sugar level of diabetic patients.

But what about vegetables with little carbohydrates? They are rich in vitamins and minerals, and many have dietary fiber.

Vegetables and fruits contain substances that may have a positive effect on health, called phytochemicals.



However, modern fruits are very sweetened by genetically engineering, so I’m worried about the adverse effect of overdose of fructose over the advantage of eating it.

Let’s eat vegetables that are natural as possible, not artificially sweetened by genetic modification, with meat and fish in a simple recipe. Sometimes adding nuts to your meal is more healthy.

I think that this is close to the eating habits that our ancestors had done! The meal that our ancestors had eaten can not be bad for our health.


Especially in Japan, there are too many people who believe that if they do not eat rice they will get sick.

Lol! Our ancestors did not eat rice.