What is diabetes?

Is diabetes a disease that sugar comes out in urine?

Diabetes is a disease whose blood glucose level continues to be higher than normal and sometimes sugar comes out in urine.

The fact that sugar comes out in urine does not itself cause something bad for that person’s body.

The kidneys filter unnecessary things in the blood, but after filtering, glucoses are returned back into the body (reabsorption).

Because humans are not premises creatures that eat carbohydrates in large quantities, it is structured not to waste valuable glucose produced in the body.



However, if the blood sugar is too much, the resorption will not be in time, the sugar that could not be returned to the body will come out in the urine. This is urine sugar.

The reason why the blood glucose level goes higher than the normal value is because the amount of secretion of the hormone “insulin” for lowering the blood sugar level is insufficient or even if it is secreted, it does not work well.

Many diabetes is type 2 diabetes (in addition to the heredity, it is caused by acquired cause). Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease it causes the destruction of beta cells (cells secreting insulin) in the pancreas.


The essence of diabetes is not that urine sugar.

As a result of hyperglycemia, sugar comes out in urine.


Basal secretion insulin is very important

Patients who have type 1 diabetes and almost no insulin secreted from the pancreatic beta cells are required to inject insulin to live.

Insulin not only lowers blood glucose levels after meals, but also has other important roles.

Humans make necessary sugars using amino acids, glycerol, etc. as a material(gluconeogenesis). This is what everyone is doing at night, such as during bedtime.

Of course it is thanks to this gluconeogenesis that lions and cats do not become hypoglycemic even if they do not eat carbohydrates.



If you eat enough meat properly enough that amino acid will be used for gluconeogenesis, your muscles will not fall.

The liver is making sugar by gluconeogenesis, but when insulin is not secreted at all in type 1 diabetes, the liver makes sugar more and more.

In this way, sugar will overflow into the blood steadily! Even though you have not eaten anything, your blood sugar level will be 500 or 600.

Basal secretion insulin secreted little by little for 24 hours irrespective of meal is absolutely indispensable for keeping the liver on control and living healthily.


Is it good to supply the additional secretion insulin with injection?

It is absolutely necessary for type 1 diabetes to inject basal secretory insulin to live.

Is it better for type 2 diabetic patients to inject additional secreted insulin to eat carbohydrates?

When ingesting a large amount of carbohydrates in a meal, a lot of insulin is needed.

Insulin sensitivity is low in patients with type 2 diabetes, so a large amount of insulin is required in order to keep normal blood sugar.



In the case of type 2 diabetic patients, if you eat a lot of carbs, you are going to need insulin and you will be fat and need more insulin.

It is clear that the risk of arteriosclerosis · certain kinds of cancer · dementia · obesity becomes high if a large amount of insulin is in the body.

One cause of complications of diabetes is thought to be hyperinsulinemia. It is also the cause of diabetic complications that AGEs (final glycation products) can be formed by overdose of fructose.

The type 2 person should first improve the sensitivity of insulin. Many Japanese doctors do not prescribe metformin for their patients…why?


Modern people are taking too much carbohydrates


Modern people are taking too much carbohydrates despite not exercising too much.

People who are not diabetes will also get sick one day if they ingest a lot of carbohydrates.

Dementia, cancer, and type 2 diabetes has become a serious problem because the life has become long.

Don’t just thinking that diabetes merely means “insulin is a disease that causes insulin shortage”.

It is time to think about how we can live healthy, including people who are not diabetes.


Diabetes is not a simple disease.

It is also a problem to secrete excessive insulin.