What is causing your “itch” may be diabetes

Is this “itch” due to diabetes?

When the state of high blood glucose level lasts long, “complications” will appear around the body.

Three of the famous complications of diabetes are diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy, and diabetic neuropathy.

There are also diabetic complications that seems not to have much relation with diabetes.



For example “itch” is one of them. I became pregnant diabetes when I was pregnant with my eldest son, my legs got itchy and itchy!

Gestational prurigo is a disease that can make  small red itchy things like “urticaria” around the body during pregnancy, but I think that I was not.

I was plagued by intense itching caused by Candida infection many times during pregnancy and before the onset of diabetes. Even after treatment, it has relapsed many times!


I’m really irritated if itchy!Is itching related to diabetes?

There are various causes of itching, but there are cases where it is related to diabetes.


Diabetic patients are prone to itching, eczema, infection

When high blood glucose level continues for a long time, the moisture of the cell moves into the blood trying to lower the blood sugar level, and the amount of urine increases.

And moisture of the skin is lost so dry it. As the skin dries, itching is more likely to occur due to slight irritation.

When diabetes progresses, diabetes neuropathy causes abnormality in perspiration, it becomes dry skin, it may itch.

As diabetes progresses, blood flow also deteriorates, so that nutrients and oxygen necessary for the skin do not spread and drying and itching will occur.



When you get strange eczema, please inform the doctor that “I am a diabetic patient” in dermatology.

As hyperglycemia continues, immunity declines and glucose becomes food for pathogenic bacteria, diabetic patients are prone to Candida infection and athlete’s foot etc.

Patients with diabetes and poor glycemic control are more prone to infection. I repeated heavy conjunctivitis three times before my hospitalization due to diabetes!

Especially in autumn and winter, caution is required because the skin is easy to dry.


Let’s do blood sugar control properly

For itching and eczema, we also use medicine given at the hospital. But anyway, blood glucose control is important to get rid of the root cause of itching.

If hyperglycemia is resolved, drying of the skin by dehydration will be promptly resolved. It is said that diabetes neuropathy is also easy to improve by blood glucose control unless it is seriously ill.

It is said that extreme low carbohydrate diet to control blood glucose level may result in pigmentary prurigo (many young women, red itchy papules on the chest and shoulders can be made).

But Dr.Koji Ebe the thinks the cause of pigmented prurigo is not a low carbohydrate diet but rather an extreme caloric restriction.



Patients with pigmented prurigo seems to have high blood ketone bodies with high probability, but if the ketone bodies are the cause of the disease I should have developed this disease a long time ago.

Some of Japanese  consider meals that only eat salad as “low carbohydrate diet”, and ketone bodies become high in extremely low calorie foods.

Especially young women think “I want to lose weight quickly” While limiting carbohydrates to a lesser extent, meat may eat less fat meat such as boiled skinless chicken, so you have to be careful.

Itching and eczema may interfere with sleeping and it is a very unpleasant symptom! It will be easier to dry especially in the coming season, so be careful about your health.


Everyone in diabetes should be careful because it will get aggravated by scratching the itchy area.

When you go to the hospital please tell me that you are a diabetic.