What “Great foods to improve blood glucose levels” will be popular next time?

In Japan, tofu refuse powder・maitake mushroom・ boiled mackerel are in short supply

People are fussing in Japan such as “Tofu refuse powder has disappeared from the supermarket!”, “Maitake mushrooms are rising!” “Boiled mackerels are sold out!”.

Because these “Great foods” were picked up on television health programs the other day, there are many people who bought them in large quantities.

I have tried these for many years ago, but at least it had no effect on diabetes…but these are delicious so even now I am eating.



People who used to love these foods for a long time have been unable to buy them and are in great trouble now.

I used to be like that, but those who believe in them as soon as they see health programs should be a little calm.

This time I will tell you about “Great foods” introduced in TV health program”.


In Japan it has been a major problem that it was discovered that a health program called “Hakkutsu-aruaru-daijitenn” was broadcasting false content in Japan

At that time a lot of Japanese people were deceived by that TV program.


My parents  care for their health very much but …

My parents  care for their health very much from long ago. I remember my mother was making vinegared soybean and kefir when I was a child.

I could not believe that they were very tasty honestly, but my younger brother and I were eating them.

Despite eating them every day, my brother and I became diabetic and my father’s diabetes mellitus has not healed.

Even now my mother loves TV health programs and sometimes tells me by phone that “Hey you know? 〇〇 is good for your health“.



But she did not know that the potatoes would raise the blood sugar, so I said to her, “You should reduce the carbohydrates of my dad’s meal first”.

I don’t think that “Great foods” are swindler, it is true that they are a little effective.  However, in order to get a little effect of “A”, how much effect can you expect when you eat it with such foods on top of a lot of bread ?

“I am diabetic, but I really like carbohydrate and I can not reduce it, so I want to ease the influence of carbohydrates just a little, so let’s try incorporating ”Great foods” into my diet” I can understand as well.

But among Japanese people “Wow, I love that! If I eat that, it’s ok, I’m happy ♪” There are quite a few people who are overconfident!


Are there Foods that are safer and more effective than medicines?

For medicines prescribed in hospitals, side effects will definitely exist in any kind of medicine. Sometimes even more dangerous side effects are involved in life.

Meanwhile, on TV health programs, “Great foods” are cheap and delicious, outstandingly effective and have no side effects … as if they are introduced as if they have no faults.

Please think calmly. It is more effective than medicine, there are no side effects and it is cheap…do you think that such dreamlike food really exist?

If there are such amazing foods, I think that they are used for medicine.

By the way it should not be too much belief that “This product has collaborated with the university!”.

When I was a  university student, my professor was very close to one company and that company was a sponsor of our research so it is normal for us to research and acclaim the goods.

You should not think “Researchs  provide 100% equitable and good information for the people”.


Why will new “Great foods” appear one after another?


When I was an elementary school student, that is, over 30 years ago, various “Great foods” had already been introduced in Japanese health magazines and television.

Even now it continues to disappear after the appearance of new “Great foods”, and repeating that another ingredient appears again, because there is not much effect on them!

If “Great foods” introduced 30 years ago has a dramatic diabetes improvement and diet effect, now almost all patients with diabetes and obesity should be gone.

If you like to try ”Great foos”, do not believe their effects too much. And if you want to get bigger results do not forget that there may be other things you can do.


Being cool is very important.

And it is important to think with your own brain.