We should learn from the diabetes experience of Mr. Great Gidayu

Mr.  Great Gidayu was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 35

A Japanese comedian “Mr. Great Gidayu” is 59 years old when I write this article. He was diagnosed with type2 diabetes at the age of 35.

At that time “low carbohydrate diet” was not known in Japan yet. He was instructed by his doctor to ingest half of the calorie intake from carbohydrates.

When he went to eat grilled meat with his friends, he had to eat rice first and then eat meat.



He was disgusted with diabetes treatment because of difficulty in calorie restriction, and he stopped to go to the hospital.

He is currently undergoing dialysis three times per week…”If I knew a low carbohydrate diet at that time, I might have been able to delay the introduction of dialysis a little more …” he lamented.


That’s too bad!

It’s terrible…he is a victim of old medical care!


Why did he develop diabetes?

His father has been suffering from diabetes since he was young, and died at the age of 64.

And Mr. Mr. Great Gidayu has many opportunities to eat, and my weight got fat to MAX 114 kg.

Afterwards, he lost weight, he was thirsty and dull. At last he fainted at home and  carried by an ambulance.



His blood sugar level was 630mg/dL! And he was hospitalized. He started taking medicine and insulin injection and calorie restriction.

Many Japanese diabetic patients know that there is a method called low carbohydrate diet now.

It was over 20 years ago that he was diagnosed with diabetes…at that time the Japanese knew nothing about the low carbohydrate diet.


He developed diabetic complications

Despite he had been treating diabetes, after a few years the neuropathy caused and he came to see things double.

However, he lost 5kg of weight and his symptoms disappeared, so he thought that his illness was getting better.

He got relieved because he had his blood glucose level normal, and he ceased to go to the hospital.



But it did not imply his cure of diabetes! When the renal function decreases, insulin is hardly decomposed, so the blood glucose level becomes low.

He then started artificial dialysis. Since it takes five hours for dialysis, he can no longer work  freely.

This is by no means a problem of only him. People who are diagnosed with diabetes when they are young should take care.


Diabetes complications may progress even if you do as your doctor says


He became kidney failure due to interrupting the treatment of diabetes. But In Japan, many diabetic patients get diabetic complications despite being in accordance with doctor’s instructions.

Japanese diabetes specialists only allow us calorie restriction diet. And It can not completely prevent diabetic complications.

It is a very sad thing that diabetes complications progress even while you are treating…

I hope Japanese diabetic patients will be able to freely choose their own diet therapy which is most suitable for them.


No one wants to become a complication of diabetes.

You should think about what you should do to avoid complications of diabetes.