“Takeshi’s really scary family medical science” shuddered Japanese diabetic patients

That TV show was so terribly scary!

In the past, there was a TV program broadcasting in Japan “The final warning! Takeshi’s really scary family medical science”.

Takeshi Kitano(great film director and popular comedian)served as the moderator for that program.

That was a program that tells viewers the horror of illness…Takeshi  introduced a number of instances that the symptoms that people are afraid of thinking not to be a big deal are indeed very horrible disease symptoms.

I thought that an episode on diabetic retinopathy was most terrible!It is “a scary early eating ~ eroded screens ~” broadcast on May 24, 2005.



O · N (35 years old · male) who runs a set meal shop with a couple has recently got hungry after several hours even after having lots of dinner, and ate again.

He began to feel strong feeling of hunger. He thought that he was hungry because he worked all day in a hot kitchen all day long.

He saw black objects flickering in his eyes and object were looking distorted. He had myopia , so He was convinced that such a phenomenon was due to deterioration of it.


It is very worrying that vision declines.

There are various reasons why vision deteriorates.


Diabetic retinopathy is very scary

He was diabetic retinopathy, but he did not have the opportunity to notice that he was a diabetic patient because he was self employed.

He ate quickly and loved rice. He did not do a low carbohydrate diet because he did not know that he was diabetes.

One day suddenly his sight was dyed red and he lost sight of both eyes despite receiving treatment in ophthalmology!



I feel sorry for him. He was so busy with work that he was not fortunate to have a medical examination.

Even if blood sugar level is high with diabetes, subjective symptoms do not appear much…

There was a possibility that I also followed the same fate as him.


I  thought that I was okay then

At that time I gave birth to my first son and got pregnant diabetes has completely healed (gestational diabetes mellitus, most people are cured even without doing anything after birth), I had a good time every day.

Looking at this program, I thought “Oh … I am afraid … I feel sorry for him.” but I never thought that I might get the same as him.

People tend to think that they are all right without grounds until they come down to themselves.



Mr. O was 35 years old. In the case of young people, diabetic retinopathy tends to proceed faster.

There is a high possibility that it will cured naturally only with glycemic control at the stage of simple retinopathy, but if it gets worse more than a certain degree, it can not completely cure anything afterwards.

Laser treatment and so on are done not to deteriorate vision any more, it seems that it will not “cure”.

You should start treating with awareness of diabetes as soon as possible! Also, diabetes patients are more likely to suffer from cataracts and glaucoma, so it is necessary to pay attention to eye health.


Please take care of your eyes.

I have diabetic retinopathy, but I take care of my eyes!