September 26, 2018 regular medical examination of diabetes

What is the result of the medical examination of Diabetes?

I have diabetic nephropathy, but the degree was mild. But Urine protein began to appear in my urine from April 2018.

One of my friends taught me that it might be because I am taking a large amount of niacin.

Niacin lowers the blood sugar level of some people, but it seems to raise blood sugar levels of other people.

~my niacin histry~

July 2017 … Start drinking 100 mg of niacin. After that, I gradually increased the amount.
End of December 2017 … Increased niacin to 1000 mg per day.
Late January 2018 … Increased niacin to 1500 mg per day.
In early July 2018 … stop niacin



Late July 2017 late October … HbA1c 5.5 (as before) Urinary protein (-)
Late January 2018 … HbA1c5.7 Urinary protein (-)
Mid April 2018 … HbA1c5.9 Urinary protein (+)
Early July 2018 … HbA1c5.9 Urinary protein (+)
Late September, 2018 (today) … HbA1c5.8 Urinary protein (±)


My HbA1c this time was 5.8, I was shocked because I thought it was improving more…

But it was good because the urine protein decreased a little after stopping taking niacin. The next consultation will be three months later, just before Christmas.


We talked about…

Today I talked with my doctor many things. He told me that “low carbohydrate diet is controversial in Japan”.

My doctor seems to be interested in carbohydrate diet compared to other doctors. He allows me to do a low carbohydrate diet , despite the fact that the Japan Diabetes Society does not allow it.


My doctor
I hope it is better to accumulate more evidence that a low carbohydrate diet is safe.

Yes, but are there any companies that provide funds to do such research?

My doctor


It is difficult to properly study the low carbohydrate diet, but I told him that we are doing our best.

I know some people who follow low calorie diet and who have become artificial dialysis and lost sight.

He became a little sad expression when I told him that story…he is a very kind doctor. I guess he has seen several patients who have lost sight or become dialysis.


I want to be healthier


My doctor is one year younger than me, easy to talk in the almost same age. Even if the troubled things come ahead, I’d like to consult him and solve it.

But I do not depend on him. I am the one who can understand my body better than anyone!

The person I adore is Richard K. Bernstein, a doctor in the United States. He already had many diabetic complications such as eyes and kidney already in his thirties, but at the age of 84, he says that even albumin urine do not appear at all!

“People with severe diabetes can not live long” may be about people who followed conventional treatment methods.

No matter how difficult we are, we want to encourage each other and exchange information and live healthily.


Diabetic patients can also live longer!

I will try!