Reason why diabetes patients gain weight and increase blood sugar levels in winter

Are there many diabetic patients whose blood sugar levels increase in winter?

Generally, it is said that HbA1c of diabeteic patients will be higher in winter than in summer.

In my case, the seasonal difference of HbA1c is rare, but many people with diabetes seem to feel that their HbA1c is higher in winter.

Why does the difference between HbA1c in winter and summer occur?  Weight also gets heavier in winter.

I cited the graph below from website of Medical Tribune . This is a graph comparing body weight · HbA1c of diabetes patients at one Japanese hospital with air temperature.



It surely seems that HbA1c is higher as the temperature gets lower. Body weight and HbA1c are pretty synchronized.

In patients with type2 diabetes, the blood sugar value tends to worsen as the increase of body fat.

Why does our weight increase in winter and blood glucose levels get worse? And how should we address that phenomenon?


Why does weight increase in winter, despite the large amount of basal metabolism?

Bacause basal metabolic rate by season is nothing but slight difference.


Is it because there are many opportunities to eat special dinner in winter?

First of all, it is thought that “Because winter has many opportunities to eat special dinner” as the reason that blood sugar level rises in winter.

Christmas · year-end party · new-year party …there are lots of events in winter.

Before I started low-carb diet, I gained weight by eating lots of rice cakes in New Year vacation each year!



I eat “low carbohydrate special foods” such as roasted chicken in the last few years, so my blood sugar level is no problem.

Many Japanese eat sweet cakes on Christmas day and eat a lot of rice cakes in New Year.

Even in diabetes, Japanese people tend to eat too much sushi, rice cakes, oranges, etc. in New Year.


Will people get lack of exercise because of snow in winter?

There are many areas where snow falls in winter in Japan. Those who like to jog outside can not do it during the snowing season.

There are many Japanese who exercise without going to the sports gym. So they are prone to lack of exercise in winter.

There are a lot of people who go to supermarkets by car not by bicycles,only in the winter.



About winter weight and HbA1c rise, I can not explain everything only by exercise.

Because the same tendency is recognized even in areas where almost no snowfall occurs in Japan.

Despite the fact that people do not have trouble walking outside in winter in areas where snow does not fall, their weight and HbA1c will rise in the winter just like people living in heavy snow areas.

Many people eat ice cream in summer and drink soft drinks. We can’t say that the amount of carbohydrate intake is necessarily higher in winter.


Our body may try to increase body fat on winter


Dr.Satoru Yamada said, “If the temperature drops, people may  improve appetite or suppress physical activity due to some factor“.

Unlike the modern era where you can eat as much as you want at any time, food must have been scarce when it comes to winter in ancient times… human beings are also animal!

Please remember that in the winter the body may be trying to increase body fat.


We should take care more about meals in winter.

Let’s pay attention to winter weight and blood glucose revel.