Companies! Do they want us to become healthy?

I don’t think there are companies that encourage people to products that make no profits

Many people become type 2 diabetes, even though there are few people with high obesity for Japanese.

The fact that many Japanese people are diabetes patient means that it costs a lot of medical expenses in Japan.

The local governments and the Japanese government should also think that they want to reduce diabetic patients somehow.



But how many people really hope to reduce diabetes seriously? Some people can do business thanks to a lot of diabetic patients!

No matter how effective treatment it is, if that treatment does not lead to their profit, they will not positively recommend it to people.

What if the treatment is even likely to reduce their profit? If you are the president of a company, will you pay for research to confirm the effectiveness of such treatment?


In Japan, half of the medical research budget is contributed by private companies.

Well, if you don’t have a budget, you can’t do research well.


What is more important than getting patients healthier?

There are a lot of people with diabetes who don’t need medicine or insulin when starting a low carbohydrate diet.

It is obviously aThe diabetics specialists once argued that “low carbohydrate diet is dangerous” pleasant experience for patients, but it is unpleasant for pharmaceutical companies and carbohydrate related food shops!

This may be a common phenomenon in any country, as Japan is a country that makes rice, it is particularly strong in Japan.

In Japan, pharmaceutical companies are paying expensive lecture fees to famous diabetes specialists.



The diabetics specialists once argued that “low carbohydrate diet is dangerous.” Now they say “Although it is not a problem in a short period, a long-term low carbohydrate diet may be dangerous.”

There are a lot of Japanese people who are very anxious to hear that “prophecy.” I think that it is very disappointing…

Patients who wish to become health anyway, doctors who want to cure patients with “great” doctors trying to gain benefits. That’s why a lot of information about health trifle us.


This is the present condition of diabetes treatment in Japan

In a Japanese confectionery manufacturer’s site, “Brain can use only glucose as energy” is written.

That is obviously a mistake! I pointed them a mistake, but they don’t correct the description in all…In short, they are confident.

Japanese companies should embrace the fact that there are an increasing number of people now doing low carbohydrate diet in Japan.

I think that they should produce both goods for people who do low carbohydrate diet and products for people who do low calorie diet.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes I used insulin injection and DPP-4 inhibitor. And When I stopped using them, the pharmacist made a strange face.



I was sad because she was not pleased with my achievement…Don’t medical professionals hope their patient get better?

We want to become healthy. It does not matter to us whether the method recommended by our doctor is written by famous professor.

The most important thing is whether we really improve the disease with that treatment.

I think that it would be nice if Japanese diabetes patients could choose their preferred treatment method…


Rather than the profit of others, you should think about your health first.

Health can not be bought with money!