Low carbohydrate diet in Japan

Japanese people who start low carbohydrate diet  are increasing

American Diabetes Association(ADA) says that meal plan should take into account your likes, dislikes and lifestyle. I sincerely agree with that.

But Japanese Diabetes Society(JDS) only accepts low calorie diet without considering patient preferences and lifestyle at all.

Companies and organizations that benefit from carbohydrates and diabetic patients, harasse a low carbohydrate diet terribly.

Until a few years ago there were only a few Japanese who practice low  carbohydratediets.



Japanese people who start low carbohydrate diet in just a few years are increasing despite many companies and organizations are doing a work to obstruct it.

Several companies and convenience stores  produce and sell lovely low carbohydrate products.

The above image is butter coffee sold by Convenience Store “Family Mart”. It is made from delicious coffee, MCT oil and grass fed butter. I love it!


Wow! It looks very tasty! How much is it?

It’s 198 yen including tax, a bit expensive  for a convenience store’s coffee but healthy.


Convenience store “Lawson” is popular

Convenience store “Lawson” is very popular among Japanese who practice low carb diet.

Lawson sells low-carb bread and sweets a lot. I especially love the deep-frid chiken named “karaage-kunn”.

Karaage-kunn contains a small amount of carbohydrates compared to what are sold at other shops.




Lawson is committed to developing “low carbohydrates and healthy products” from 2012 as “town health station” in full swing.

Convenience stores other than Lawson are not enthusiastic about low carbohydrate products so much.

Only a few confectionery shops sell low-carb cakes and low-carb snacks. Nonetheless, it is nice to have a store that sells sweets that we can buy!


Many diabetic patients love carbohydrates

The majority of Japanese diabetic patients can not continue even if they know that low carbohydrates are good for health.

Some people think that there is no problem to eat a lot with insulin injection. Japanese diabetes specialists usually say to their patients “low carbohydrate diet is dangerous” and encourage expensive medicine and insulin injection.

To tell the truth, More than half of Japanese doctors affirm low carbohydrate diet in their inner heart!!



Why do they have to say patients that low carbohydrate diet is dangerous? That’s because they are following JDS.

3000 Japanese diabetic patients lose sight every year…It’s very sad and terrible!!

Those benefiting from carbohydrates and diabetic patients attack experts who recommend low carbohydrate diet.

I dont want the Japanese diabetes patients suffering from diabetic complications anymore. For that, JDS needs to officially accept a low carbohydrate diet


I think that there is nothing more important than health.

Health can not be bought by money!