Japanese novelist Soseki Natsume was a diabetic patient

Soseki Natsume failed low carbohydrate diet

Japanese novelist active in Taisho era Soseki Natsume, who is  well-known for works such as “I am a CAT” “Botchan” was a diabetic patient.

Despite being a diabetic patient, he loved sweet things. He spread not only butter but also sugar on bread, put sugar in black tea, and when he got sweets from his friends, he did not divide it into his family and ate it alone.

Even though he was scolded to stop sweet things from his doctor he searched around his house and ate sweets and strawberry jam everyday.

It was during the Taisho 5th year that he complained about symptoms that seemed to be a diabetic neuropathy.



The doctor instructed him to start “strict diet”, which is is almost the same as low carbohydrate diet.

The things “strict diet” permitted him to eat  were fishes and shellfishes, eggs, lipids, soy products, vegetables and fruits with little sugar.

He tried hard and once had diabetes neuropathy improved, but later stopped both meals.

He was eating ice cream even though he was suffering from stomach ulcer later in life. And he died of stomach ulcer at the age of 49.


He loved sweets…but his death was too early!

Many people can not stop carbohydrates even if they are sick.


There have been diabetes patients from long ago in Japan

In the case of Japanese, 95% of patients with diabetes are type 2 diabetes mellitus and usually do not have any subjective symptoms until they become considerably worse because progress is slow.

Therefore, in the past when medicine was not developed, there were a lot of people who had reached the end of their lives before they realized diabetes.

Michinaga Fujiwara of the nobility of the Heian period and some of his family were type 2 diabetes mellitus and in the Edo period Shitoku kagawa wrote a fairly accurate record of diabetic complications.

Some Japanese insist that “There were no diabetic patients in Japan in the past,” but in fact there were diabetic patients in Japan as well.


Canada’s orthopedic surgeon Frederic Banting and medical student Charles Best succeeded in extracting insulin in 1921, in Japan it is mid-Taisho era.

Due to the discovery of insulin, it has been very wonderful that people with type 1 diabetes who had not been able to survive so far became able to live, because everyone die if there is no basal insulin.

However, the invention of insulin injection has directed patients with type 2 diabetes to think that “low carbohydrate diet is unnecessary, I can eat whatever I like if I use insulin injection”.

Patients with type 2 diabetes have problem that insulin is not functioning properly even though insulin is secreted…


Don’t give up on low carbohydrate diet

Souseki Natsume who liked sweets probably was very hard to continue low carbohydrate diet.

It was because there were no low carbohydrate ice cream or low sugar chocolate at that time!

Even in contemporary Japan, once a good result has been achieved with a low carbohydrate diet good, “Oh I am painful, I quit! I will eat a lot of carbohydrates from now on” There are quite a few people.



In Japan, diabetic patients are forced from their doctors to eat diet that takes 50 to 60% of total energy from carbohydrates.

As a result, in Japan, 3000 people lose sight every year, 16,000 people start artificial dialysis, and 3000 legs are disconnected!!

The other day I was shocked to see the Japanese doctors on a Twitter conversation saying “Diabetic patients make money”. Please do not be money for them.


You have to find the way you are in health yourself.

That’s right. We do not go to the hospital for doctors to buy new cars!