Japanese MAFF makes us eat more rice and sugar!

MAFF is conducting “Anti Low Carbohydrate Diet Campaign”

There are many companies and organizations that benefit from diabetic patients, and contents of television health programs are not necessarily true.

If many people with diabetes can control glycemia with only low carbohydrate diet, those who manufacture and sell carbohydrate-rich foods, medicines, insulin injections will be furious.

Yesterday I read a very shocking article on  Dr.Yasuyuki Shimizu’sblog. The content of the article is “MAFF is trying to make Japanese people sick “!!



MAFF(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) is doing a large-scale campaign “Let’s eat more rice and sugar” in order to prioritize the interests of various organizations and companies, not the health of Japanese citizens.

This is too serious problem! I have to give the people who believe immediately information the opportunity to think about “what kind of intention the information contains?”.



It’s too crazy to eat more sugar!


It is said that we should reduce to eat sugar worldwide.

 Is it not for our health that MAFF encourages us to eat rice?

The site of MAFF explains how rice is a wonderful food. But what is their purpose? The following is an English translation of a quote from the above site.


Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate (calorie base) rises about 1 percent if Japanese people eat only 17 g more rice than present  every day.

As consumption of rice decreases, it is necessary to suppress rice production. Let’s eat a lot of rice to keep the paddy fields in Japan.


Oh,really? “We will be in trouble if the consumption of rice decreases” , so we have to eat more rice?

MAFF also has a campaign called “Thanks-Sugar”. This is “to use more sugar more” in cooperation with the Japanese food industry, confectionery industry, beverage industry, tourism industry, sugar industry, raw material crop producers etc.



We support the supply of competitive sugar (raw materials for Japanese food, sweets, beverages etc.).

Sugar is often thought to be the cause of decayed tooth and obesity, but sugar intake does not cause them directly.

In addition, diabetes is a disease related to the onset of multiple factors such as inheritance, obesity, stress, ingestion of sugar is not directly involved.

“# Everyone’s Challenge 310” is a project that encourages people who challenge new things and recommends taking sweets containing sugar after hard work.


Their true intention is that they want us to use a lot of sugar. But can they understand our suffer from diabetes?


I understand that profits are important, but …

Because only rice can be 100% self-sufficient in Japan, I can understand their feeling that they want Japanese citizens to eat more rice.

The other day I saw a tweet that a salesperson of a pharmaceutical company tweeted “We are spending a lot of expenses and time to market new medicines to doctors!”

Every company and organization pursues profits. It’s not a bad thing, everyone need money … Because we can not live without money.

But what do you think if there is an organization that sheds information of lies by saying that it is a good way to our health for the pursuit of profits?



Some practitioners tweeted that “Diabetes patients make profit”, but I beliece that my doctor didn’t so. Most doctors go seminars sponsored by pharmaceutical companies to study the latest knowledge for us.

For the health of children, “sugar reduction plan” such as introduction of sugar tax in the world is recommended. But only Japan is behind…

The interests of companies and organizations are important. However, it should be ” profitable for them and also good for our health”



We should think more about  health of our children.


We  should not forget more important things than immediate profits.