Japanese doctors tweeted that “Diabetic patients make us profitable” on twitter

I saw doctors’ real intention on Twitter

Yesterday I found Japanese doctors’ tweets on Twitter “Diabetes specialized clinic is profitable because the unit price per patient is high” “My friend is doing diabetes clinic so profitable,” “Diabetes is a treasure mountain” etc.

“High unit price” means that the amount of money a single patient pays to the hospital is large. When I was injecting insulin once, I paid “self-injection guidance management fee at home”.

Of course, this is only doctors’ intrinsic honestly outpouring, and your doctor will not always think about such a thing.



The salary of the physician will not change depending on whether their patients are using insulin or not.

Probably it is true that physicians who are running diabetes specialist clinics make profit by using patients a lot of medicine and insulin.

But such a thing is nothing to do with diabetic patients! The most important thing for us is whether it is the best way for us or not.


It is shocking if you are told clearly that “Diabetes is profitable” from the doctors!

Doctors should not say so in front of with diabetic patients…


Is that treatment really the best for you?

Your doctor should basically choose treatment for you, thinking about you. However, there are cases that it is not necessarily so.

Japanese pharmaceutical companies invites famous doctors to hold lectures. They say “As famous doctors talk to the audience that our products are excellent at the lecture, our sales will increase.



Your doctor will recommend you expensive medicine as taught in the lecture. I think that many of them are not malicious.

Some Japanese doctors are teaching their patients low-carbohydrate diet while saying, “In fact It is easy to get more money if we make our patients use insulin inejctions.”

In Japan, there is no doubt that doctors and pharmaceutical companies have no profit at all if diabetics select low carbohydrates diet…


It is dangerous to stop medicine and insulin injection without permission from your doctor


Even if you want to stop medicine or insulin injections, do not stop by your doctor without permission!

Depending on the type of medicine and the condition of the illness, it is dangerous if you do not really use the medicine at all.

You should ask your doctor “If possible, I would like to quit medicines for this reason, what do you think?”

The important thing for us is that the treatment is safe and effective first. And if it is inexpensive it is the best. Let’s think carefully and choose therapy!


Patients should choose the best way to treat themselves.

Many Japanese people can not say their own ideas to doctors, but I think that this is not a good.