It is sad that type 2 diabetes is called lifestyle disease

Is the cause of type 2 diabetes only lifestyle?

I am a diabetic patient who was initially told that “there is a possibility of type 1 diabetes” because my insulin secretion ability was too low.

My father and brother are type 2 diabetes and My doctor inspected me and I learned that my insulin secretion ability had recovered to some extent.

He told me that “I think you are probably a type 2 diabetes.” Since then I am doing a low carbohydrate diet.

Because I already have some diabetic complications, sometimes I feel very uneasy…



95% of Japanese diabetic patients are type 2 diabetic patients, and they are considered to be “sick due to lifestyle habits”.

It is sad that television and the Internet explain that “type 1 diabetes is different from type 2 diabetes in which lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise are greatly affected”.

There is no doubt that people of type 1 are not bad, but do they need to write the bother “they are different from type 2”?

It feels like it is told that “People who become type 2 diabetes have problems with their diet and they don’t do exercise”.


There are many people who have problems with their lifestyle rather than you.

I have kept a healthy life as much as possible…


Some people develop type 2 diabetes due to lifestyle habits

I think that the image of typical type 2 diabetes is “eat a lot, love cola and cider,  play games in the room, be overweight”.

Those with this type will easily normalize blood glucose level with a little effort, but there are not many Japanese of this type.

Patients with type 2 diabetes of my type are told from some type 1 diabetic patients “We do not like being considered the same as you”.

And we are told from  type 2 diabetes patients who developed due to lifestyle  “blood glucose levels drop easily if you exercise with a small dietary amount”.



There are people who develop type 2 diabetes even if they do exercise even if they eat only an ordinary amount of meal.

There is a considerable individual difference in the ability to process carbohydrates and it is impossible to double their abilities even though people with lower ability than the ordinary one make efforts no matter how much.

Don’t overestimate the effects of exercise.  It is impossible to exercise after a meal each time a busy Japanese eats three times a day.

Despite type 2 diabetes is disease in which genetic relations are quite strong, it is uncomfortable to be called “lifestyle disease”.


Let’s understand all types of diabetic children

Activities are being conducted in Japan to better understand children with type 1 diabetes.

However, little activity has been done to understand children with type 2 diabetes!

Even though there are more teenage children  with type 2 diabetes than type type 1 diabetes in Japan.

Children who have type 2 diabetes should surely suffer from surrounding prejudice…even though they look like ordinary type 2 diabetes, they may be MODY patients.



I also have been told by a acquaintance doctor that “you may be a MODY patient”. There are few people who are Japanese and have accurate knowledge about MODY.

Even if there are children who have become type 2 diabetes due to lifestyle habits, their diet is also the responsibility of their parents.

Diabetes is a somewhat familiar disease, including reserve forces.  Please understand all types of diabetes adults and children correctly!


Diabetes is a disease that anyone may develop.

I want to eliminate prejudice against diabetic patients!