Is sushi really healthy food?

Sushi is a very delicious food, but …

Many people around the world prefer sushi, especially Japanese people love sushi. I also used to eat sushi in the past.

Sushi is the best delicious food with vinegared rice and fish matching, I think. “Nigiri Sushi” has been eaten by people since the Edo era.

Sushi looks healthy because it has less lipid and low calorie. But Is that truth? ”SHARI” used for sushi is a mixture of rice, vinegar, salt and sugar.

Sushi is very delicious food, but unfortunately it significantly increases the blood sugar level of diabetic patients.



My friend with type 2 diabetes raised blood glucose higher than 250 by only eating 6 sushi. Likewise, after eating rice ball she had a very high blood sugar level.

I loved rice, but I have not eaten at all after having been diagnosed with diabetes. It is quite difficult for Japanese people not to eat rice at all.

I began to eat brown rice at the age of 22 as a staple food. But I first became gestational diabetes, and then became type 2 diabetes…

Even brown rice will raise my blood sugar, so much more white rice will raise my blood sugar more!


Sushi looks like a very healthy food.

I also like sushi. But I can not eat sushi any longer.


Do you know low-carb veggie sushi?

Some Japanese depend on sushi. They are aware of their dependence on sushi in most cases. They can not stop eating sushi everyday.

There is a strong dependence on both rice and sugar of sushi material and wasabi has the effect of improving appetite.

Because sushi is very tasty , it is natural for many Japanese to become sushi dependence!



But sushi makes the blood glucose level of diabetics suddenly increase. I sometimes make sushi using eggs instead of vinegared and eat it.

Kura sushi (one of a major Japanese sushi bars) sells low-carb sushi using Japanese radish pickles instead of vinegared rice.

Veggie Shrimp,Veggie Albacore,Vegetables of rice grains Salad chicken,Veggie Shrimp Mayo, these are all very tasty!!


We have to protect our health and the culture of Japan

Kura sushi’s low-carb sushi is delicious, but each region of Japan has its own specialty sushi~for example, Trout Sushi, Mackerel Sushi, Persimmon Leaf Sushi etc~

How can we balance local industry with people’s health … I think this is a very difficult problem.

In one prefecture where my friends live, people eat sweets, rice, sushi and fruits a lot and  many of them become diabetes…



Every time I see them PR relating their own products, my heart is in pain. Sometimes I want to cry!

Japanese traditional foods such as sushi are very important things. We should keep it as far as possible.

Perhaps it is time for us to seriously think about what Perhaps it is time for us to seriously think about what we should do to protect our health while preserving the culture of Japan.


I think it would be nice to eat sushi good for health like the kura sushi!

That’s right. Vinegared rice with sugar is very bad for people with diabetes.