If you give up then your game will end…even if your diabetes is serious, never give up.

You should persevere without giving up until the end of the game


Many “wonderful words” were born from Japanese cartoons. “If you give up then your game will end” appearing in  “SLAM DUNK” is particularly famous.

SLAM DUNK is a cartoon based on basketball and MITSUI was encouraged by that word and succeeded to take a point just before the end of the match. The same is true for diabetes.

Some people who already have complications of diabetes  think that “I can not live longer, so I will eat as much as I like with insulin injection “!

I can understand their feelings. But do they really have to give up?


It is sad to say such a thing…

I think that there are many people who do not need to give up!


Dr. Bernstein who was fully resurrected from the worst state

Even though I frequently take it on this blog, Dr.Richard K. Bernstein is a really amazing person.

He was suffering from type 1 diabetes at the age of 12 and was undergoing treatment (he injected insulin without measuring blood sugar at home, taking a low fat diet with a carbohydrate intake ratio of 45%).

He felt various bad conditions in his body in his twenties, such as kidney stones, salivary gland stones, contracture of the shoulder joints, paresthesia and deformity of the feet, etc.

When he consulted his doctor, he was told “You are OK, your symptoms are not related to diabetes, don’t worry”…

In his thirties, he developed cardiomyopathy and had many symptoms such as eyesight waning (night blindness, micro aneurysm, macular edema due to diabetic retinopathy, early cataract), foot pain, proteinuria due to diabetic nephropathy I began to suffer.



One day, he got a self-blood glucose meter just released, and he was shocked very much.

He learned that his blood sugar level is intensely turbulent as if riding a roller coaster from less than 40 to over 400 in a day!

Then he repeated trial and error and invented his style (Insulin Frequent Low Volume Injection and Low Carbohydrate Diet).

He became a doctor in his 40’s. He has overcome all the diabetic complications. At the time I am writing this article, he is 84 years old and he is still active as a doctor. It’s wonderful!


I don’t want to give up yet

As soon as I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, I immediately read “Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution “, but at the beginning I thought that “I can’t do such a stoic way!”

The meal recommended by him is up to 6 g of carbohydrates in the morning and up to 12 g of carbohydrates in the lunch and dinner.

But I didn’t want to  eat something I like  as my doctor says. I decided to do my best as much as possible.

That’s because of my husband and two sons. If you wish to survive , most things can be overcome. I do not know “sweets” more important than healthy eyes…



Some Japanese type 1 diabetic patients say “People who do not eat what they want to eat are foolish, they should eat what they like with insulin injection.”

You should eat  ordinary cake if you think your life without it is meaningless and you should eat low carbohydrate cake if you want to overcome complications.

I think that it is up to us to decide how to live  with sickness, how to compromise with the desire to eat and health, that is our will.


I think that the efforts of those trying hard will be rewarded.

If I give up then my game will end…I’ll do my best!