Hi! I’m Japanese woman with type2 diabetes

I’m “Yosshie”

Hi! Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I’m Japanese woman with type2 diabetes(possibly MODY).

My father and younger brother are also type 2 diabetic patients. That is why I was careful about my health.

I studied nutrition and exercise physiology at university. And I went to the gym for 5 days a week.



But when I was pregnant with my eldest son in my mid 20’s,my doctor told me that I had gestational diabetes mellitus.

Oh! I was shocked very much. Because I have lived a very healthy life.At that time, I learned that the most important cause of developing diabetes is genes.

My doctor told me to eat less calories. Fortunately, the eldest son was a healthy baby. A year after that, I was pregnant again.


I’m a smart cat”nyago”!

He is my cat. I love him!


I had gestational diabetes again

After giving birth to my first son, my gestational diabetes has healed. However, when I became pregnant with my second son, I had gestational diabetes again.

My doctor never noticed that I was gestational diabetes mellitus because I had never had sugar in my urine even once in my urinalysis.

It was when I was 8 months pregnant that he finally noticed that. And there was nothing I can do about that…



He told me to take care of taking too much calories. He did not tell me about insulin injection or low carbohydrate diet.

I was careful not to take too much calories,but my baby got bigger and bigger!

My second son was born in Caesarean section. He could not breathe soon after he was born, and a pediatrician took him in a hurry to him somewhere.

He was a baby respiratory distress syndrome…because my blood sugar level was high.


I’m on a low carbohydrate diet

My second son was hospitalized at NICU for the following month.Now he goes to elementary school fine.

After several years, I developed diabetic ketoacidosis and was hospitalized urgently. My doctor told me that you have to do an insulin injection four times a day for the rest of my life.

Diabetic patients in Japan are decided by the Japan Diabetes Society that they should not make low carbohydrate diets.



But I’m on a low carbohydrate diet now and I keep near normal blood sugar level without insulin injection.

I hope that diabetic patients in Japan will be able to freely select low carbohydrate diets!


Let’s do our best not to defeat diabetes!

I think that even diabetic patients can live healthy!