Fructose increases the blood sugar level of diabetic patients

Does fructose increase the blood glucose level of patients with type 2 diabetes?

Yesterday, one of my friends on Twitter did an interesting experiment. He developed diabetes twelve years ago and was initially HbA1c12 but now he is the one who has become HbA1c 5.6 without medication and insulin injection.

In order to share the results of his experiment with everyone, I will present it receiving the permission of him.

This time it was an experiment about “How fructose affects the blood sugar level of type 2 diabetic patients”.

He measured blood glucose by drinking 15.1 g fructose (I think it did not fit perfectly 15.0 g).



His blood glucose level of type 2 diabetes rises by about 3 per 1 g of carbohydrate, so 15.1 g of carbohydrate should raise his blood sugar level by about 45.

The result was the blood glucose level before drinking fructose 109 → 30 minutes later 144 → 1 hour 147 → 1 hour and a half after 136 → 2 hours after 124 hours MAX 38 rise (corresponding to about 12 g of ordinary saccharide) .

Many Japanese believe fructose will not raise the blood sugar level of type 2 diabetics, but in fact fructose increase the blood sugar level of type 2 diabetic patients.


Are there many diabetic patients who think that fruits are okay?

I was one of them,but I knew the truth.


Eating too much fruit raises the risk of gestational diabetes

It is very shocking for me but eating too much fruit raises the risk of gestational diabetes.

A survey of Chinese women found that if you eat more fruit, especially high-GI fruit at mid-term during pregnancy, the risk of gestational diabetes is about 4 times higher.

Although fruits rise blood glucose level slightly compared to sweets and rice containing the same amount of carbohydrates, fructose increases insulin resistance.

When pregnant, hormones are secreted from the placenta to make insulin less effective. Women with a high ability to secrete insulin can cope by secreting a lot of insulin by that amount.


Women with low insulin secretion capacity can not secrete enough insulin to cope with increased insulin resistance during pregnancy.

Your body require about twice as much insulin as it is when you are not pregnant at the end of pregnancy … and if you overdose fructose, it is obvious that it will become more likely to become gestational diabetes more and more.

I also believed that fruits are healthy just like many other Japanese women, so I got gestational diabetes!


Modern fruits are different from wild fruits


Vegetables and fruits look like healthy, but the fruits that our ancestors had eaten are quite different from those of modern times.

Modern vegetables and fruits are delicious and sweetened by genetic modification, and many Japanese do not know the fact about genetic modification.

Modern people eat artificially sweetened fruits throughout the year. Besides, we take more plenty of fructose from ice cream, soft drinks, seasoning etc.

People who consume a lot of fructose are liable to fat liver and diabetes even if they are thin.

I love fruits but I should accept the fact that fructose is not good for health… I do not eat fruits every day unlike before, and when eating I eat only a small amount.


Fruits are tasty, but delicious things and the impact on the body are another matter.

Think carefully about fructose.