Do you really think that you will die if you continue with a low carbohydrate diet?

I have been on a low carbohydrate diet since four years ago

When I talked with my mother today, she said something to be surprised at me. “I am worried that you may die if you continue a low carbohydrate diet.”

I thought she would have heard that story on TV health programs. She does not know the existence of my blog at all.

She is highly educated but I kept silent as I thought she can’t understand even if I explain her about gluconeogenesis.

I thought that your daughter has not seemed to die any more despite continuing a low carbohydrate diet for nearly four years…



I developed diabetic ketoacidosis almost 4 years ago. Diabetic ketoacidosis is a terrible condition that dies with a probability of 1 to 10%.

I was more likely to die because I had a lot of carbohydrates than the possibility of dying without carbohydrates.

But people who discontinue the low carbohydrate diet will probably die from illness afterwards…


Your mom seems to believe allmost everyTV health programs!

I am concerned about her…


Necessary glucose  can be covered with gluconeogenesis

It is a fact that parts of the body, such as brain glial cells, can only use glucose as energy. Neurons of the brain involved in thinking can use ketone bodies.

There are quite a lot of people who truly believe that “Since there are some parts that use glucose as energy in the body, I have to eat a lot of sugar”.

But If you are healthy (those who have the ability of the liver to successfully gluconeogenize) you don’t have to ingest carbohydrates.

Glucose required by glial cells and others can be sufficiently covered with gluconeogenesis.



Four years ago I was told by my doctor to keep glucose ready for hypoglycemia, but I have never used it even once.

The main causes of hypoglycemia are insulin injections, oral hypoglycemic agents that secrete insulin, and overdose of carbohydrates.

Since type 2 diabetic patients may have excessively low blood glucose levels after overdose of carbohydrates, be careful.


Are other dangers in low carb diets?

Healthy diabetes patients don’t become hypoglycemic even if they restrict carbohydrates.

When I started a low carbohydrate diet, my fatty liver cured, neutral fat and cholesterol level became normal, and my blood pressure also fell to normal.

It is also a well-known story that cancer cells clearly prefer glucose as energy compared to normal cells.



Well… I think there is no reason lowcarbohydrate diet causes death. What’s the reason why low carbohydrate diets are dangerous?

Inuit, which is the same yellow race as our Japanese, has eaten less carbohydrates until recently.

And They hardly had life style related illness.Those who criticize the low carbohydrate diet say “Lifespan was shortened if a low carbohydrate diet was given to the mouse.”

Are they closer to the mouse than Inuit? That is very strange…


Don’t believe him even if someone threats you without any basis

There are people who threaten us by saying “Low carbohydrate diet is dangerous because it will be harmful after 20 years, so let’s stop it.”

They are usually employees of a company selling rice, wheat or sugar ,perhaps  pharmaceutical companies.

They don’t mention the dangers of diabetics keeping drinking oral hypoglycemic drugs for decades!

Also they don’t mention patients who have kept low calorie diet and diabetes worsened.



Diabetic patients should have the right to choose the diet therapy they think is the best in their own responsibility. Diabetic patients in Japan are not allowed to choose other than low calorie diet…

A considerable number of diabetic patients in Japan lose their eyesight, start dialysis, die from myocardial infarction, etc.

Why many people criticize only carbohydrate restrictions and not say anything about medicines, insulin or carbohydrates despite the fact that diabetes of many patients worsen or dies with a low calorie diet Is it?

I think you will know what to believe after you consider about it.


I think that there is nothing more important than health

That’s right. You should think about your health with your own head.