Do you have to eat carbohydrates moderately even in diabetes?

Who decides “proper amount of carbohydrates”?

Some people say that “Although taking too much carbohydrate is certainly not good, extreme restrictions are not good, and you should consume a reasonable amount of carbohydrates.”

They say that “Because the muscles will weaken unless you ingest carbohydrates,” or “Because glucose does not go to the brain unless you ingest carbohydrates”.

Some of them say that “If people start a stoic low carbohydrate diet ,it would adversely affect my business”!

I think that there are quite a few diabetic patients who think “it is necessary to ingest an appropriate amount of carbohydrate”.



But who will decide that “proper amount of carbohydrates”?

One of the councilors of the Japanese Diabetes Society said that “Japan’s rule that 50 to 60% of energy must be ingested from carbohydrates is actually unfounded and I think that it is really good at around 33%“.

Unfortunately you can not start low carbohydrate diet if you have inborn errors of lipid metabolism or liver cirrhosis.

This time I will tell you about whether diabetic patients should take moderate carbohydrates or not.


Many people believe that carbohydrates are necessary for the body.

The way many people are doing is not always right.


Muscle glycogen does not decrease even if top athletes exercise for 3 hours after eating lowcarb food

Even if healthy people restrict carbohydrates, it does not become hypoglycemic because the liver mainly performs “gluconeogenesis” using amino acids and glycerol as a material.

Even in those who do not limit carbohydrates, when sleeping at night or continuing hunger for a long time, 6 to 10 g of sugar per hour is made by gluconeogenesis.

The amount of glucose consumed by red blood cells and glial cells is 4-6 g per hour. Even if you collect all the blood sugar of the whole body of adults with blood glucose level 100 mg / dL, it is only about 4 g.

100 g of sugar in the form of ready-to-use glycogen is stored in liver and 300 g in muscle.

Do you do hard exercise to use 400 g of glycogen without eating anything? I guess most people are not.



An experiment was conducted by collecting athletes taking high carbohydrate diet and athletes taking ketone food(meals to produce ketone bodies ).

The former had a high carbohydrate drink and the latter had a low carbohydrate drink, and after having been exercised for 3 hours, the difference between muscle glycogen levels before exercise, during exercise and 2 hours after exercise was almost the same It was not.

There is no need to store a large amount of glycogen in the muscle by performing carbo loading before exercise.

Those who do the low carbohydrate diet for a long time do not use a large amount of muscle glycogen because lipids can be used well as energy.


A lot of carbohydrates don’t make geniuses

Unfortunately, even if you ingest carbohydrates for the brain, blood glucose levels will rise and blood vessels will hurt and there will be no effect of improving intelligence at all.

Healthy people do not become hypoglycemic if they do low carb diets, so glucose will reach their brains.

Diabetic patients are prone to dementia. Hyperglycemia damages nerve cells in the brain, arteriosclerosis also occurs in the brain.



One cause of arteriosclerosis is artificial trans fatty acid. In Japan, the use of artificial trans fatty acid is not regulated and there is no obligation to display.

Japanese children eat bread containing artificial trans fatty acids at school lunch and eat unhealthy junk food!

Hyperinsulinemia also causes arteriosclerosis.  Many Japanese diabetic patients eat a large amount of carbohydrates and do insulin injection as instructed by their doctor.


You eat carbohydrates because you want to eat


Many people believe that carbohydrates are absolutely necessary for the body. But to tell the truth, they eat carbohydrates because they want to eat.

Anyone with addiction must start with admitting that he is addicted first. Doctors depend on carbohydrates,too.

Carbohydrate addiction doctors can not tell patients “Let’s start low carbohydrate diet”.

You really need to think whether carbohydrates are needed in your body.


You should consider yourself whether carbohydrates are really needed or not.

There are lots of delicious foods that contain little carbohydrates!