Do green beans glass noodles increase the blood sugar level of diabetic patients?

Glass noodles have a lot of carbohydrates!

Glass noodles made from green beans are popular in Japan. But They contain a lot of carbohydrates.

One day one of my friends taught me something interesting by email. Despite being a diabetes patient, she told me that eating it did not raise the blood sugar value too much!

Since glass noodles are made of starch, I should not eat them. But the friend is also a severe type 2 diabetes patient and I thought that her story may be true as she is so.



I decided to experiment whether green beans glass noodles affect my blood sugar level.

For the experiment I used green beans glass noodles sold in a supermarket. The product is packed in one small bag every 30g.

Approximately 26 g of them is carbohydrate. I ate them with tuna and mayonnaise dressing…


Is it safe for diabetic patients to eat glass noodles?

I wanted to know the truth.


Why didn’t our blood sugar level rise?

My blood sugar revel was 97mg/dL(before eating)→97mg/dL(after 1 hour)→91mg/dL(after 2 hours).

On another day I tried experimenting with twice the amount of green bean galass noodles eaten, the result was exactly the same! I did’nt exercise at all.

Why didn’t our blood sugar level rise? I initially thought that dietary fiber is the cause. But green bean glass noodles contain only 1.1g dietary fiber per 30g.



They are food with a very low glycemic index and They have α-glucosidase inhibitory action.

However, in other foods with a low glycemic index(brown rice,whole-grain bread,and so on) my blood sugar level may rise considerably!

Perhaps the glycemic index may not be so important for diabetic patients. α-glucosidase inhibitory action is more important,I think.


How about “Peyang Yakisoba Harumame” ?

Next, I decided to experiment what happens when I eat instant noodles made with green beans.

This is “Peyang Yakisoba Harumame” manufactured by MARUKA Foods Corporation in Japan.

The image below is quoted from the site of MARUKA Foods Corporation.



The material of this is starch, but whether it is derived from green beans or not was not shown. This contains 45.9g of carbohydrate.

I ate it with afraid, and  my blood sugar revel was 102mg/dL(before eating)→124mg/dL(after 1 hour)→97mg/dL(after 2 hours).

Only a slight carbohydrate contained in the seasoning raised my blood sugar level slightly!

However, one of my friends, eat A and the blood sugar value has risen. Please do it carefully if you do this experiment.


Some people may eat green bean glass noodles and increase blood sugar level.

There are individual differences as to how food affects blood sugar levels.