Do diabetic patients appear in Japanese cartoon “Black Jack”?

Mr. Black Jack is the most famous unlicensed genius surgeon in Japan

Tezuka Osamu’s “Black Jack” is a very popular medical cartoon in Japan. He is an unlicensed doctor, in reality it’s a crime so you absolutely must not imitate it of course.

He charges a high surgery fee to his patients, but there are few diseases he can not cure instead. Patients are coming by relying on him from all over the world.

He is also very friendly to children and animals. He does not receive high medical expenses from poor patients.



I read it for the first time when I was an elementary school student and I was completely addicted to BJ’s coolness.

It tends to be thought that there are no diseases that can not be cured by BJ, but were there any episodes about  diabetes?

Actually, there was only one diabetes episode…Below, including details of this cartoon.


I love cartoons!

”Black Jack” is a famous work that everyone knows in Japan.


Kumi is a young woman with Kushing’s syndrome


An 18-year-old woman, Kumi Yamashita appears in Episode 87 “Full Moon Disease”. She has symptoms of extreme obesity, diabetes, hyperhidrosis, hypertension, and may be caused by a tumor in the adrenal gland.

She was poor and did not undergo surgery, but because she was the daughter of his benefactor, BJ surgically removed the tumor for free and she recovered.

In her case I think that her diabetes  has cured as it was a secondary diabetes coming from Cushing’s syndrome. The recovered Kumi was returning to a beautiful woman.

However, no one normal diabetic patients will appear in “Black Jack”. It would be impossible for BJ to surgically cure diabetes that is not secondary diabetes…


BJ injected insulin into men who are not diabetic!

In the 32nd episode “closed three people”, BJ and a small boy and the father of the boy were trapped in the elevator of the department store.

Three people waited for a rescue in the elevator, but no rescue came after 3 hours, and gradually they suffered from breathing.”We will die of lack of oxygen,” BJ thought.

The boy’s father said to BJ, “I am injured and can not live anymore, please kill me,  my son will be saved by my oxygen”.



BJ injected him a “medicine” and he raised  anguish voices, full of sweat, the whole body cramped and it stopped moving!

The boy yelled to BJ crying, “You killed my dad, you are a murderer!” Soon the rescue came and the two were relieved and the father of the boy who seemed to be dead was actually alive.

Actually, BJ injected a lot of insulin to him to save oxygen without letting him breathe most. He was immediately ambuled to the hospital.


Can surgery treat diabetes?

I did not quite understand that I read Black Jack for the first time as an elementary school student, but as I read it again now, it is very scary to inject a large amount of insulin injections into a state of death!

There is also a medical accident in the past that nurses erroneously injected large amounts of insulin and the patient died.

It is truly wonderful for patients of type 1 diabetes to live by the invention of insulin injection. But we must not forget that insulin is a drastic drug…



By the way, “gastric bypass surgery” is becoming a hot topic recently. By cutting the stomach of a highly obese diabetic patient to make it smaller and connecting it to the small intestine, blood sugar levels of 80% of patients become normalized.

However, I think that this operation is not so effective for diabetics of Japanese who are not obese.

Does the day will come when it will become possible for diabetes that can not be cured even by a genius surgeon’s BJ to be “cured” someday?


Diabetes is a disease that can not be cured completely at the moment.

It would be nice if the day it will cure will come early!