Diabetic patients should be aware of cerebral aneurysms

I am concerned about Kuro-chan’s deterioration of blood sugar and cerebral aneurysms

I saw a TV program broadcasted last night and I learned that diabetes of Kurochan (a famous comedian in Japan) got worse.

His HbA1c was 5.5 but it has gone up to 7.5! More worried is that a cerebral aneurysm was found in him on examination.

He can not absolve to stop eating lots of bad foods such as white rice and other even though many advises.



A cerebral aneurysm is a part of the artery of the brain bulged like a bump. It is usually asymptomatic, but if the cerebral aneurysm ruptures, it will cause subarachnoid hemorrhage.

About 40% will die if subarachnoid hemorrhage occurs, and about 30% will be in a state where heavy obstacles remain and it can not return to society. About 80% of the cause of subarachnoid hemorrhage is rupture of the cerebral aneurysm.

If the cerebral aneurysm is small, the doctor will follow-up observation, but since his cerebral aneurysm is 7 mm, it is dangerous. I want him to undergo surgery quickly.


Kuro – chan and Yosshi are same age. I am concerned about him!

I think he should take a break from work and take surgery now.


Are there any subjective symptoms of cerebral aneurysms?


Cerebral aneurysms tend to be formed after age 40 and 1.5 to 5% people have it. However, in unruptured cerebral aneurysms, there are few subjective symptoms.

As bumps squeeze the nerve, symptoms such as “one eyelid falls”, “pupil opens”, “things look double” can occur, but usually there is no subjective symptom.

When the cerebral aneurysm ruptures and causes subarachnoid hemorrhage, it causes intense pain as beaten with the bat.

It is terrible that almost no subjective symptom is present when it is not yet ruptured!!


What is the relationship between diabetes and cerebral aneurysm?

There are people who congenitally have a tendency to become cerebral aneurysm. There are weak parts on the arterial walls of their brains, and it is thought that they will inflate like balloons over the years.

Patients with diabetes often have arteriosclerosis. Cerebral aneurysms are prone to rupture if arteriosclerosis is already progressing.

One of the cause of arteriosclerosis is hyperinsulinemia (secretion of insulin in large amounts or insulin injection in large amounts).

Glycation caused by overdose of fructose  also causes arteriosclerosis. It is extremely dangerous to eat fruits too much assuming that fruits are healthy because they are harder to raise blood sugar than sweets and rice.



Artificial trans fatty acids contained in bread and margarine, etc. cause arteriosclerosis as well.

There is absolutely no restriction on trans fatty acids in Japan, so I am very concerned about the health of Japanese people. For school lunch in Japan, bread containing trans fatty acids is also offered.

The cigarettes are also very unhealthy. As smoking increases insulin resistance, it becomes hyperinsulinemia and arteriosclerosis tends to progress.  A lot of alcohol drinking is also bad for a cerebral aneurysm.

People with high blood pressure tend to rupture cerebral aneurysms. Kuro – chan seems to be doing muscle training at the gym, but high – intensity muscle training causes temporary high blood pressure.

And this tends to be shown in “people with a high consciousness to health halfway”, a little faux carbohydrate diet that reduced carbohydrates slightly (meals ingesting 30 to 40% of energy from carbohydrates) may progress arteriosclerosis.


What should we do to prevent cerebral aneurysms?


Be careful if you have familiy with cerebral aneurysms because That tendency is inherited from parent to children.

“Big drinking” “high blood pressure” “tobacco” “arteriosclerosis” are major risks. People who smoke should stop smoking now.

Because there is no subjective symptom, we must do brain MRI in order to discover it.

Diabetic patients tend to have more aged blood vessels than healthy people of the same age.

You should avoid that cerebral aneurysms rupture and  sudden death.


We should do our best!

Health is very important!