Diabetic patients don’t necessarily have to eat “big breakfast “

Should we eat plenty of breakfast?

Do you think that you should eat food with high calories at breakfast rather than at dinner?

There are many Japanese people who believe that eating lots of breakfast is good for their health.

When I was a child, I always ate luxurious breakfast like hotel breakfast, made by my grandmother. Sugar free yoghurt with fruits was indispensable for our breakfast.

Even after I became an adult and independent, I always ate breakfast well no matter how busy I was.



Certainly, “On the premise that you normally eat carbohydrates” it improves your blood glucose level that eating a lot of breakfast and eating a small amount of dinner rather than having plenty of dinner.

But even in those who are not hungry in the morning, do they have to eat so much from the morning?

Many people argue that “There were few people with diabetes or obesity in old Japan”, but in Japan it was basically two meals a day before the middle of the Edo period.

Japanese nobles were eating breakfast at noon and dinner at around 4 o’clock in the evening. The general public was getting up early in the morning and had breakfast after finishing work.


Humans are the only animal to eat regularly three times per day.

And pets kept by people are also!


Try measuring blood glucose after breakfast

Among diabetic patients, there are many people who have higher blood sugar levels when they wake up in the morning than before they go to bed, I am one of them.

This is “Dawn phenomenon”. A hormone called cortisol, which is secreted a lot from the early morning in preparation for an awakening raises blood glucose levels, but diabetic patients can not secrete much insulin , so their blood glucose levels rise.

In my case, after breakfast the blood sugar level rises above the amount of carbohydrate clearly eaten.

As I got up at one morning I had a blood sugar level of 130, so I jogged and I was surprised when my blood glucose reached 160!!



Efficiency of insulin is the worst in the day in the morning, so even if you eat the same thing, the blood sugar level tends to rise compared with other time zones.

This is why Dr. Richard K. Bernstein instructs his patients “Breakfast is up to 6 g carbohydrates, lunch and dinner are up to 12 g carbohydrates” for this reason.

In my case, the blood sugar level tends to rise in the morning, and the blood sugar level becomes the best in the evening. As hormones change in the course of one day, the fasting blood sugar level and the effectiveness of insulin are not always the same.


What kind of breakfast should diabetic patients eat?


When you ingest dairy products at breakfast, it seems that blood sugar levels after lunch are hard to rise, but you do not need to consume a large amount of breakfast to expect that effect.

Even if they eat the same thing, blood sugar levels tend to rise after breakfast, so it is dangerous for diabetic patients to eat lots of breakfast.

If you are a type like me, you should eat a small amount of carbohydrates in the breakfast.

It is not good to eat lots of carbohydrates before going to bed, but if you eat a low carbohydrate diet you can eat it before you go to bed, If you are not gastroparesis.

If you want to eat a lot of carbohydrates, it is hard to raise your blood sugar level if you eat it for lunch instead of breakfast.


It is not safe to eat lots of breakfast.

That’s right. Especially diabetic patients should be careful.