A typical family in Japan “Sazae-san family” loves carbohydrates

Sazae-san is a symbol of Japanese families

I love the manga “Sazae-san“.  Sazae-san is a manga in the Showa era.

Sazae-san and her family are regarded as a symbol of Japanese family. She is a young housewife. She has a husband(Masuo)and a small son(Tarao).

They live with Sazae-san’s father (Namihei), mother (Fune), younger brother (Katsuo) and younger sister (Wakame). They also have a white male cat(Tama).

The names of Sazae-san and her family are all related to “sea”. For example, ”Sazae”is a Japanese word which means ”turban shell” in English.



Sazae-san and her family love carbohydrates just like many other Japanese people. There may not be other ethnic groups that love carbohydrates as much as Japanese people.

If you read this comic, I think you can understand why many Japanese are prone to diabetes though why many Japanese are not fat.

One of the reasons why many Japanese can not continue low carbohydrate diet even in diabetes is because Japanese love carbohydrates…



Wow, I did not know that Sazae-san loves carbohydrates!


I feel familiar to her because I have a character similar to her.

Sazae failed a low carbohydrate diet

In the New Year of a certain year, Sazae tried a low carbohydrate diet because she ate too much rice cakes and became fat.

She wrote on the paper “I forbid sweet things” and stuck it in her room.  She thought “I intended to be a member of wintering party in the Antarctic and not eat sweets.”

But she thought that the shape of the Antarctic ice resembles bread. And she ate bread with jam.



Later she decided “I will never eat sweets”. But  She wanted to eat castella after seeing his son’s blocks.

She loves roasted sweet potato very much. In Japan, stands selling it from autumn to winter will appear in town at every night.

She attempted to stop eating it many times, but she could not quit it. She also went out to buy it as a pajamas figure!


Namihei likes both white rice and sweets

Dinner of one day, Namihei didn’teat another white rice(many Japanese eat about 2 cups of white rice).

His wife Fune worried that he only eats a cup of white rice. He told his wife, “If you eat a lot of white rice, it seems you can not live long.”

At that time, one researcher investigated villages in various places in Japan. He got conclusion that ” People who eat too many rice can’t live long “. I guess Namihei said that.

But Namihei wanted to eat more rice and asked Fune “Please give me a cup of white rice anymore” after all the cleaning up of the meal is finished.



He got hungry in the middle of the night on another day and looked around for the kitchen.  He was frustrated because He could not find anything sweet! Then his daughter Wakame got up and gave him her caramel.

One of his ancestors Isono-mokuzu-minamotono-sutamina was a person who liked ohagi( traditional Japanese rice ball coated with sweetened red beans, soybean flour, or sesame and salt.)very much.

He was praised for his achievement of eating 38 Ohagi in front of the Lord, and he received a reward.

Namihei and his children like Ohagi as well as his ancestor. Ohagi contains about 38 g of sugar per piece!!


Katsuo drank 6 bottles of juice


Elementary school student Katsuo found a classmate girl in the park and spoke to her, but she neglected him.

He was shocked and he bought juice at a park stall and drank it one after another…6 bottles of juice!!

Many people eat carbohydrates when feeling stress, because their brain feel happy only for a short time if they ingest a large amount of carbohydrates.

Katsuo also loves fruits. He hid a lot of bananas and loquats in his room. Since fructose is not good for your health, you should be careful about overdose of fructose.


Wakame tried to bring 3 loaf of bread as her lunch

One day, Wakame tried to bring a very large bread mass to a kindergarten…The bread was about 3 loafs in size!

In Japan several decades ago, “Only bread lunch ” was not rare. Namihei also ate a bread-only lunch.

Because meat and fish were expensive and could not be eaten much, people had to eat bread or white rice.



Because many Japanese have insufficient ability to secrete insulin, eating too much carbohydrates tends to become type2 diabetic.

There are many Japanese people who can not make low carbohydrate diet by themselves even when they get diabetes…

Sazae and her family members should be careful not to eat carbohydrates too much.



I hope she chooses a healthy food for her cat.


I hope so too.  Both cats and humans should not become diabetic.